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Hacking, cybercrime, and industrial espionage – attacks on businesses and public institutions may have different motivations, but they typically share the same goals: manipulation, sabotage, and theft of valuable information. Attacks are becoming more common, better organized, and their dynamics are changing more quickly than ever. Alarmingly, not every company seems to be aware of this – on average, it takes half a year before a company realizes that it has been the victim of an attack. By then, the attacker has had plenty of opportunity to explore the compromised systems and collect information, meaning that the damage could spread to customers, suppliers, and partners. The damage can be substantial, both economically and for the company’s reputation. The cost of response measures necessary after a breach can also be enormous.

We can help you to prepare with an effective IT security plan and modern tools so you can be ready in every aspect of your security. Besides your endpoints and perimeter, it is crucial to consider your IT environment as a whole by taking advantage of security technology tools.

Our services under SECURITY SOLUTIONS:

  • IT Security
    • Next Gen Security Platforms
    • Next Gen Endpoint Security
    • Web Application Firewall & DDOS
    • Vulnarability Scanner
    • Identity Access Control
    • Pentesting
    • Code Review/Code Analysis
  • Physical Security
    • Video Surveillance Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Intruder Detection Systems
    • Drone Defense


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