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Saving time and guaranteeing access to the right technical resources at all times: these are two of the biggest challenges faced by any company. That’s why we developed the Cyber Defense and Operation Center (CDOC). Accompanied by qualified 24x7 support, the CDOC offers a range of managed services. The goal: simplify our customers’ work and free up their own valuable IT resources. We apply our experience and expertise to develop practically and economically viable solutions that generate sustainable added value. The unique benefit: our solutions are not limited to on-premise services (directly where our customers work) but are also FERNAO-provided, meaning that we can comfortably perform a range of crucial services remotely on your behalf over our secure cloud systems. With your help, we can create a precisely tailored custom service package to suit your individual needs.


Our Managed Services

Managed Secure Site

Our “Managed Secure Site” service is a perfect full-service bundle where we fully take over the connection to your field office.


The goal of the “Managed Secure Site” service is to reduce your workload as much as possible. First, we determine the bandwidth you need and provide the line, the coupling router, and switch ports, as well as any wireless access points if necessary. Only a minimal extension to your existing IT systems is required – you just need a connection to our data centers. A site-to-site connection from our FERNAO cloud to your central network is switched on once and for all. From this point onward – from our CDOC, open 24/7 – we take over the administration of any components delegated to us by your field office. No further changes are required within your own central IT system. We monitor components with extensive SD-WAN functions around the clock and replace them if necessary. We can also update the configuration, such as port settings and VLAN assignments, remotely from our CDOC.


Managed Endpoint Security

Our “Managed Endpoint Security” service is a perfect full-service bundle that not only offers preventive measures to protect your system from being compromised but also relieves you from many time-consuming administrative tasks.


Endpoints are a popular target for attackers. Since threats and malware are becoming more complex and persistent, we use Cylance – a so-called “Next Generation AntiVirus (NGAV)” – for our “Managed Endpoint Security”. CylancePROTECT is a protective system that can classify files as insecure before they have the opportunity to compromise your systems. The behavior of every file is investigated at the endpoints with a multidimensional matrix that considers hundreds of thousands of properties using artificial intelligence, mathematics, and machine learning – before the code is ever executed. This provides a level of security that goes far beyond traditional industry solutions used by many businesses, government agencies, and institutions worldwide. To avoid tying up your own IT resources, FERNAO handles the entire process: from system monitoring to hosting the management instance and license administration.


Managed Next Generation Firewall

Our “Managed Next Generation Firewall” (Managed NGFW) service is a perfect full-service bundle. You enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge firewall without the time-consuming task of operating it – and without needing to invest a lot of money into it.


Today, every company needs some form of firewall. They have evolved in scope from central access to a few small systems into massive, distributed firewall networks. The scalability of modern solutions allows firewalls to be efficiently used by small offices or even on individual devices. The significantly increased performance of NGFWs includes a range of features that previously required dedicated standalone solutions. The result is a highly complex network of devices requiring 24/7 operation, an impossible challenge for many IT departments. The CDOC by FERNAO is exactly the partner your security teams need to help solve this problem.


Managed Public IP Scanning

Our “Managed Public IP Scanning” service is a perfect full-service bundle. You enjoy the benefits of a reliable security analysis of public systems while delegating the workload associated with system operation, receiving transparent results clearly presented in a dashboard.


Many companies already have added vulnerability management systems to their toolset. However, these systems can become complicated if the outgoing public IP address range also needs to be scanned. Experience has shown that such vulnerabilities are exploited by attackers to infiltrate the organization with malware and cause damage, including data theft and tampering. For your protection, we developed the “Managed Public IP Scanning” service so that our experts at the CDOC can help you identify vulnerabilities. We monitor public segments of the network and perform an automated technical security analysis of each system. FERNAO Networks delivers the results though the client-based magellan vulnerability portal; using leading brands of vulnerability scanners, unknown devices are identified and vulnerabilities from outdated software are listed. Each system has a targeted dashboard to give executives a transparent overview of the current security status at all times. The analysis frequency and number of scans can also be adjusted according to your wishes.


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