As IT systems are spreading into virtually every area of business and life, the massive floods of data stored in data centers are constantly growing – data generated by hardware, data generated by software, status messages from continuous logging systems. These data can be an extremely valuable resource for increasing IT efficiency and improving service quality. But how can they be meaningfully evaluated and correlated? How can they be organized flexibly and visualized according to need? We can show you how to master these floods of data to take advantage of them.

Our services under Data Analytics & Forensics include:

  • Security & Fraud
  • Business Analytics
  • Operational Intelligence
  • DevOps & Mobile Apps
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Packet Broker & Taps
  • Flow Management
  • Load Generators


News from FERNAO

Vanja Rohr new CEO at Somnitec

Somnitec's Board of Directors has elected Vanja Rohr as the new CEO.

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