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OPTIMA Business Information Technology GmbH, based in Munich, is joining the FERNAO group.

With the acquisition of the Munich-based company, FERNAO Network is making another meaningful expansion to their portfolio – most notably in the field of pentesting – with attractive benefits for customers and employees. After this third acquisition in 2018, the FERNAO group now has almost 500 employees at 16 locations throughout Germany, Switzerland, and China. The number of subsidiaries has now increased to eight.

OPTIMBAbit specializes in solving difficult IT security challenges. They are now firmly established within the industry as experts in penetration testing, secure software, ISO 27001, and strategic consulting, making them specialists for the complex challenges faced by modern, networked companies. OPTIMAbit serves well-known corporate customers from the finance, insurance, and automotive sectors.

The company offers special expertise in individualized and manual penetrating testing. Many years of experience, especially with applications, help them to uncover significantly more vulnerabilities than semi-automated security scans. This approach also provides excellent preparation for questions of the future, such as the IoT/IIoT.

The acquisition of the Munich-based company OPTIMAbit secures another competitive advantage for the FERNAO group in the IT security industry. “The expertise provided by OPTIMAbit adds another key component to our security strategy, consolidating our role as a trusted advisor,” explains Nico Birk, the managing director of FERNAO.

Despite the acquisition, OPTIMAbit will remain under the leadership of its long-term managing director Dr. Bruce Sams. An internationally recognized expert in secure software and the author of numerous IT security articles, Dr. Sams received his doctorate in astrophysics from Harvard University in Boston and has been living in Munich since 1991, where he originally worked as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute. Since 1998, he has been focusing on IT security. He co-founded OWASP in Germany and is a well-known and acclaimed expert speaker.

This affiliation with the FERNAO group enables OPTIMAbit to secure its long-term future and benefit from synergy effects within the group, stated Dr. Bruce Sams regarding the acquisition of OPTIMAbit.

The acquisition of OPTIMAbit thus represents the next step in the ongoing strategic expansion of the Cologne-based company FERNAO Networks. Following acquisitions of the Computer Stamm GmbH, Somnitec AG, globits GmbH, and Netzwerk Kommunikationssysteme GmbH, OPTIMAbit is now a member of the group alongside magellan netzwerke GmbH, the Wolfsburg-based company ITConcepts Automotive GmbH, and datadirect GmbH. The strong growth by FERNAO creates opportunities for cross-selling to take advantage of the individually excellent customer relationships of each subsidiary. FERNAO Networks therefore offer a body of expertise on IT topics that is unmatched even internationally and which will continue to become increasingly impressive in the future.

More information about OPTIMAbit here.

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