The sales and business development specialist Jörg Ambrosius is joining Computer Stamm.

Computer Stamm, an IT systems retailer based in Recklinghausen and member of the Fernao Networks group, is expanding its operational leadership team with the addition of an experienced IT specialist. From January 2018, Jörg Ambrosius and Andreas Krause will jointly lead the systems retailer by dual management.

Last year, the IT and telecommunications retailer Computer Stamm joined the Fernao Networks group. This move allowed Computer Stamm to expand its range of consulting, services, and on-site activities for businesses, which has already had a positive impact on business development. This growth now requires a corresponding expansion of management.

With Jörg Ambrosius, Computer Stamm have gained an experienced sales and management specialist as their new managing director. Jörg Ambrosius has been working in ITC for 25 years at various well-known companies in the industry and has in-depth knowledge of the IT and carrier industry. For the last ten years, Ambrosius has been serving as Head of Key Accounts for a large telecommunications company, where he was responsible for business development. His track record includes successful sales development at the former Mannesmann Mobilfunk (Vodafone), Director of Sales in Germany for MCI Worldcom (Verizon), and RWE Systems AG.

From January 1, 2018, Ambrosius will join Andreas Krause as the dual executive leadership of Computer Stamm. Ambrosius will take on responsibility for sales/customer management and business development, while Krause will focus on supplier management and technology.

“As well as his professional and personal qualities, Mr. Ambrosius is bringing a network of long-standing business relationships that will no doubt further support our current strong business development,” says Andreas Krause, managing director of Computer Stamm. Krause also emphasizes the reinforcement provided by Amborse to the Fernao Networks group, of which Computer Stamm is a part. “Jörg Ambrosius is the ideal colleague to sustainably shape the success of Computer Stamm.”

Stefan Ploder, the managing director of Fernao Networks, agrees with this assessment. “With his many years of sales experience, his wide-reaching customer network, and his personality, he will be the perfect complement to Andreas Krause for Fernao.”

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