FERNAO offers Information Security Consulting

 The new Information Security Consulting division supports companies in the introduction of management systems to implement their regulatory requirements and to strengthen their organizational and technical security architectures.

Cologne, 08/14/2019

FERNAO Networks, one of the leading full service providers for IT security, founded a new business area on July 1st, 2019 under the name Information Security Consulting (ISC). This advises companies on the design and implementation of management systems in the areas of information security, risk management and business continuity. Based on the frameworks of ISO / IEC 27001, 22301, 31000 and the BSI Grundschutz Compendium, the ISC consultants work with the customer to develop a management system that is adapted to the respective requirements of the customer and that is implemented jointly according to standardized procedures. Upon request, support can be provided up to certification maturity according to one of the above-mentioned standards.

Companies in the KRITIS environment and from the financial services sector in particular are subject to high regulatory requirements. This prompts them to establish appropriate measures   to protect against potential threats in the organization and, among other things, as part of the introduction of information security management. also set up business continuity management for your critical business processes. The ISC business unit is part of magellan netzwerke GmbH and can draw on many years of specialist expertise. The network and security specialist magellan netzwerke was founded in 1992 and is one of the eight subsidiaries in the FERNAO Group. Through the group of companies, the ISC consulting services are also available to the customers of the other subsidiaries. The division also complements the offerings of the subsidiaries wenovate and OPTIMAbit.

"Consulting services and professional skills in the implementation of sustainable IT security strategies are an absolute growth market," said Hendrik Sauer, Managing Director of FERNAO Networks. “Basically every company has a need here - given today's legal regulations and the escalating danger from targeted, highly complex attacks. We offer our customers technical and organizational security expertise from a single source and would like to greatly expand the ISC division in the future. ”

The division is headed by Detlef Hösterey, who has been working in the ITC industry since 1990 and has more than 10 years of experience in advising and implementing management systems.

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