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Computer Stamm GmbH is changing its name to cano systems GmbH on January 1, 2019

Computer Stamm GmbH, based in Recklinghausen and part of the FERNAO group since 2016, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. As part of the company’s anniversary, management have announced a name change. From now on, Computer Stamm GmbH will trade under the name cano systems.

Since 1988, Computer Stamm has been an IT systems retailer providing installation and support for IT and telecommunication systems, from mobile workstations to telephone systems to networks with extensive server infrastructure, offering solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

The name change came about as the company’s founder Andreas Stamm made arrangements for his legacy within the company to secure its continuation and development by selling it to FERNAO. With the departure of the former founder and managing director, a symbolic decision was made to begin the new era with a new name.

But why now? “The date of this announcement was not chosen randomly,” explained the new managing director Jörg Ambrosius in a speech. “On September 20, 1519 – some 499 years ago – Magellan began his journey to circumnavigate the world. This is the kind of venture you cannot complete alone. There was always a man at his side. That man’s name? Juan Sebastián del Cano – also known as: Cano.” From the name of Magellan’s companion, the person who ultimately completed the voyage around the globe, the new company name cano systems was born.

cano systems has been part of the FERNAO group since June 2016. They have now joined the ranks of magellan netzwerke, who specialize in everything relating to IT security, networks, and infrastructure solutions, with their own dedicated NOC to support their customers with technical problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to IT security, monitoring/analysis, and their 24x7 Network Operation Center, this new acquisition will allow the FERNAO group to offer their customers top certifications for partnered manufacturers, as well as special expertise in VoIP, desktop solutions, and extensive resources for on-site services. The customer base of cano systems cuts across the industry, retail, and medium-sized enterprise sectors, as well as banks, administrations, and insurance companies, thereby perfectly complementing FERNAO’s broad existing customer base.

The name cano systems was deliberately chosen to emphasize the strong cohesion and solidarity within the FERNAO Networks group, as both this name and the design of the new logo are thematically relevant to the group. The new company logo visually references ocean navigation with its conical shapes, blue colors, and abstract sail.

Computer Stamm, now cano systems, celebrated its anniversary at their site in Recklinghausen with over 150 guests, including customers, manufacturers, and long-standing partners. As well as specialized lectures by Extreme Networks, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, and Sonicwall, there were plenty of opportunities to explore culinary diversity around the company premises with the street food festival and catch up with colleagues.

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