Our company is named after Fernão de Magalhães, the great Portuguese navigator. One of the greatest explorers of all time, Fernão travelled with determination, experience, and courage, reaching new heights in seafaring.

This is where FERNAO Networks enters the picture. Just like Fernão de Magalhães, we deliberately seek out forward-looking standards: we are proud to be a leading full-service provider for IT security, as visionaries and pioneers of our times.

And just like Fernão de Magalhães, we are always looking for new paths. Fernão roamed the oceans, we explore information technology – always together, as a team, unflinching, innovative, with our gaze fixed on the horizon.


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Vanja Rohr new CEO at Somnitec

Somnitec's Board of Directors has elected Vanja Rohr as the new CEO.

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